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Customer Testimonials

"I was home with my dogs, and I am disabled. The Brian answered the phone. I like that as all the others were an answering machine. So I spoke with Brian at 2 AM and told him I had my dog for 10 years, and his fur is so thick, he was getting weak. Brian dropped everything he was doing because the job he was on, no people would return for a week. In 15 minutes he arrives and in 20 minutes I heard the unit star up and relief was happening for all of us. Then I found out Aire Force One offers a 10% discount to senior, police, firemen, and military. If you want the best, call Aire Force One. They will take care of you, and you are not speaking to an answering service, you get the owner. The price was guaranteed, as well as labor. Brian was such a good fellow, I feel like calling him back just to talk to him he was so knowledgeable and friendly. I would not think of calling another person to help me with my Air Conditioning. Thank you Brian for treating me with respect and complimenting me for being a senior, not cutting me down like so many others have. Your company is the only one I will ever call."
Laura L., 09/24/2015

"I was so pleased with the service I received from Air Force One. Brian, personally took care of us and was honest as well as knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He was able to get to the job quickly and on one occasion even came out in the evening so that my tenant could get a good night sleep with A/C. On top of this he was able to fix a problem once and for all that 3 other different A/C technicians did not diagnose and fix- just put a temp solution. Even more out of the ordinary he dealt with and calmed down an unruly tenant in a very diplomatic way which was far beyond expectation. I am a multi-property owner and Realtor and I will always use and recommend him in the future! Thanks Aire Force One!"
Renee S., Las Vegas 12/13/2011